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By Todd Matthy

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

When I started this site, if you told me I’d write about  Archie Comics I’d have called you insane. Even as a kid, I always thought Archie was the comic your parents wanted you to read. He was stuck in 1950. But time’s change and so do publishers.  These past few years Archie Comics has taken steps to show they’ve moved past “Sugar Sugar.”  “Afterlife with Archie,” (A zombie apocalypse starring Archie) reviving their super heroes as the Dark Circle, and killing off the main character, have shown that Archie is a company that is not afraid of taking risks. The latest move is a crossover with Predator. Published by Dark Horse Comics,  is “Archie vs. Predator” the most absurd crossover since “Archie meets the Punisher“? Lets find out. 



My Appearance on Evil Jester Presents.

Check out my 12/28 appearance on Evil Jester Presents Radio with fellow writers Charles Day, Jeremy Mays, and H.E. Goodhue. We talk comics, writing, and Wicked Game.

Check out their new comic book: Evil Jester Presents here.

Y&P at the Movies: A Roundtable Interview with the Cast and Crew of Solid State

By Todd Matthy

Recently Chiller TV aired the special “Can You Survive a Horror Movie?” in which hosts Morgan West, Anthony Marks, and Annie Unnold and a panel of experts, including scream queen Suzi Lorraine along with several weapons, medical and survival specialists, give us a guided tour through a series famous horror scenarios. In addition the hosts partook in a series of challenges that were based on legendary horror movies. So, how was it? (more…)

By Todd Matthy

Before you go off to Camp Crystal Lake for the summer, there’s a good chance you may encounter a lumbering, hockey mask clad, killer. Can you survive? “Won Ton Baby” creator and star Suzi Lorraine, Morgan West, Anthony Marks, Annie Unnold and others may be able to help you.

Friday night at 9pm, Chiller will air Can You Survive a Horror Movie? A show that teaches you how to survive a horror movie. To see some stills click below. (more…)

“Won Ton Baby,” has finally been released on DVD. “Won Ton Baby” stars Suzi Lorraine, Gunnar Hansen, and Debbie Rochon and is about a madame’s daughter with a parasitic evil twin. Read reviews and order a copy on Amazon.


Trailer Talk: Prometheus.

“Friendship is tested in this chilling tale of love, betrayal and more…”

Hello everybody. Thank you very much for supporting the release of “The Skull King” in Exiles Magazine.

My second short story, “The Ice Queen” just got published in the literary magazine, “Golden Visions.”

You can purchase a print copy for $10.00 or a digital copy for $1.50 at the Golden Visions website.

Click below to read a short excerpt. (more…)

You won’t see this in a Hollywood horror movie. Movie killers often have specific targets: Freddy Krueger targeted his murderers children, Hannibal Lecter killed and ate rude people, and Snidely Whiplash tied defenseless women to railroad tracks (okay he’s not a killer but you get my point), Billy Kingsley (Donovan Kern), from the new movie, “Billy’s Cult,” targets the innocents and those generally considered “off limits” in horror films, from priests to young children to pregnant single women. (more…)

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart. So don’t say you weren’t warned. (more…)