By Todd Matthy

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

When I started this site, if you told me I’d write about  Archie Comics I’d have called you insane. Even as a kid, I always thought Archie was the comic your parents wanted you to read. He was stuck in 1950. But time’s change and so do publishers.  These past few years Archie Comics has taken steps to show they’ve moved past “Sugar Sugar.”  “Afterlife with Archie,” (A zombie apocalypse starring Archie) reviving their super heroes as the Dark Circle, and killing off the main character, have shown that Archie is a company that is not afraid of taking risks. The latest move is a crossover with Predator. Published by Dark Horse Comics,  is “Archie vs. Predator” the most absurd crossover since “Archie meets the Punisher“? Lets find out. 

The book is a typical Archie comic…at first. Archie and the gang go on spring break, Betty and Veronica fight over the titular character, Jughead loves hamburgers…everything you’d expect from an Archie book. It’s even drawn like an Archie comic, adhering to the Dan DeCarlo model. Then the Predator appears.

If you’re looking for balanced screen time this is not the issue. The Predator barely appears. But when he does, he makes an impact. I won’t say what happens but the Predator gets his victim and dispenses with them in true Predator fashion. And it’s not a throwaway character. He maybe “Archified” but the gore that makes us love Predator is there. It is a textbook example of “less is more.”

Written by Alex De Campi with art by Fernando Ruiz, “Archie vs. Predator” is a book you’ll either love or hate. But whether you love or hate it, it is the most absurd thing in comics today. And that is a good thing.

“Archie vs. Predator” goes on sale April 15th.


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