“Friendship is tested in this chilling tale of love, betrayal and more…”

Hello everybody. Thank you very much for supporting the release of “The Skull King” in Exiles Magazine.

My second short story, “The Ice Queen” just got published in the literary magazine, “Golden Visions.”

You can purchase a print copy for $10.00 or a digital copy for $1.50 at the Golden Visions website.

Click below to read a short excerpt.

A Sentinel has a heart so pure, yet so passionate, that in the direst of moments his heart‘s desire can melt the
coldest steel. Thomas was nominated on the day he met Selene and Elizabeth.

The girls were picking berries when a couple of wolves cornered them. They screamed, and the only person
close enough to hear was Thomas. When he arrived, he saw two wolves circling.

Without thinking, he grabbed a loose tree branch and jumped between the wolves and the girls. Calmly, he removed his shirt and waved it to turn the wolves‘ attention toward him. The girls slipped away as one wolf attacked Thomas as he plunged his hunting knife into its chest. He then surveyed his surroundings and found a narrow passage between two trees. Thomas inched his way
toward the passage. The wolf pursued. Thomas stopped right before a slit between the trees. The wolf leapt, Thomas spun to the left, and the wolf landed in the narrow space. Trapped, it clawed and scratched, baring its sharp white teeth at Thomas as he picked up a huge rock and dropped it directly on the wolf‘s head. Selene and Elizabeth returned and found the wolves
vanquished. Thomas, Elizabeth, and Selene had been friends since that day.

When the girls told the village of Thomas‘ bravery,he became a hero and was nominated for Sentinel. While
the village considered Thomas a hero, Selene and Elizabeth considered him a brother, and themselves as sisters to

Want to know what happens next? Find out by ordering a copy of Golden Visions, here.

  1. Shane Ward says:

    Just read this story in the magazines and loved it. Loved the characters and the love betral thing in the story too. I always get the feeling this story could have been a good novel and I always knew there was something wrong when the ice king arrived at the party to steal the girl…

    Well done and keep up the good work.

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