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In which we meet Bernard, King of Duros, who Ariana has come choice words for, his daughter Helena, who attempts the impossible task of giving Biff a bath, and Michael has a disturbing dream. (more…)

I hope you liked the first act of my story, The Lost Prince. Now as promised the Second Act…

In which Michael begins his long journey in the legendary kingdom of Duros and Ariana is reunited with a figure from her past.  (more…)

The first act of our tale closes as Michael Donnington’s world is shattered once he learns the truth about his birth and tragedy strikes that changes not only Gard but all of Mid-Land forever.


In which Michael is bequeathed an important treasure and a Black Knight’s Identity is revealed.


In which Gard’s young men test their tolerance of paing against the black knight and a young man takes his first step toward destiny…


In which the Black Knight makes it’s presence know to the sleeping village of Gard (more…)

In which two young men put their pride on the line, a secret meeting between lovers by the lake, and the arrival of a mysterious visitor who will greatly change the lives of Gard’s citizens…


In which a long awaited wedding finally takes place and two young man have trouble putting aside their differences. (more…)

In which we return to Kalidor and Talia’s master gives her some very disturbing news. (more…)