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From Diva to Designer: Lauren Jones

Former (perhaps returning) WWE Diva Lauren Jones has launched her own blog right here. Check it out for Halloween costume making advice, gift ideas for your girlfriend, and updates on her shoe line.

I’ve just been handed an urgent news bulletin. “Anchorwoman” star and co-founder of Lauren Jones Footwear, Lauren Jones might be making a come back to the WWE. Time will tell whether she will or not so stay tuned. Until then check out these pictures… (more…)

Lauren Jones has released brand new photos for the Spring. Check them out below. Also if you’re still interested you can purchase the first shoe from her successful shoe line, just click here. (more…)

Former WWE Smackdown DIVA Lauren Jones has embarked upon a new venture since her days working with Vince McMahon and has now co-founded a shoe company called Lauren Jones Footwear. In the beginning, only four pairs of shoes were made, including the pair pictured here. Shoes from the collection are not yet available for purchase, except exclusively RIGHT HERE! This original pair is a collector’s item and would be great framed with a photo, out on display, or bought and kept for resale at a later date in time. If you are a fan of Lauren Jones, this is definitely a keep sake. Take advantage of this opportunity to have an original sample pair of Lauren Jones shoes, also worn in a photoshoot by Lauren Jones, as pictured here. These Lauren Jones sample shoes are size 6 white satin with silver ornamentation and have a light blue sock and sole. One of a kind.

To order, click this link or on the picture.

Lauren Jones has just launched a youtube page. Click up above for a sample. For more click here. Also check out her Facebook page here. If you’re interested in her shoe line check out her Power Point Presentation below.


A brand new set of Lauren Jones photos have arrived. Check them out below and her new shoe line at Lauren Jones It’s the perfect Valentines Day present. (more…)

She’s back. We present to you a new set of Lauren Jones Photos for your viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to check out her shoe line at Lauren Jones Click below.


Do you remember Anchorwoman starring Lauren Jones? Check out these unseen photos from the show by clicking below. Also check out her shoe line here. To get the show released on DVD petition Fox. (more…)