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Y&P at the Movies: The Wolverine |

Y&P-Review: Iron Man 3

By Todd Matthy

2012 has come and gone and what a year it has been. We saw two comic book movies achieve critical acclaim while grossing over a billion dollars. We saw the Rock return to the wrestling ring. We saw the Avengers and the X-Men square off with one another and Disney buy Star Wars. So what were the best moments of 2012. Click below to find out. (more…)


Y&P at Comic Con: Marvel Writer Jason Aaron on Thor |


Y&P at NY Comic Con 2012: Photo Parade | Y&P.

By Todd Matthy

It’s the end of the year and a time for reflection. Since everybody’s doing a best of list, I decided to throw in my two cents, so here’s my best of 2011.

Note: If you’re looking for Year in Music, click here. (more…)

By Todd Matthy

Between the Thor’s, Green Lantern’s, and Captain America’s of this summer it seems a new X-Men movie has been overlooked. After two blockbusters, an average third installment, a prequel some consider a disappointment, and the lack of “big name” X-Men like Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine, it’s easy to see why many have written off X-Men: First Class before they’ve seen it. So does X-Men: First Class save the franchise or bury it? The answer is it does. (more…)