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Source: Reunited (and It Feels So Good) in ROBOTS VS. PRINCESSES #3 Preview


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“This issue mixes the sweetness in which Zara and Wheeler begins their friendship and the cruelty of what a war is, there is a wide range of emotions”–Un Comic Mas


ROBOTS VS. PRINCESSES is on sale NOW at your local comic shop (click the link to find one) and on Amazon’s ComiXology from Dynamite Comics!

Like issue 1? Issue 2 is available on September 19th.

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Robots vs 4



RvP flyer

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I’ve seen a lot of concerts. The notches on my belt include Metallica with an Orchestra, Pantera, Ozzy, The Big 4 (Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth), GWAR, Motorhead (I snuck backstage and met Lemmy), and Guns N Roses just to name a few. But one band has dogged me all my life: Phish.

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Note: The following article was written off the top of my head.

I think about things, and one of things I think about is the decline of Rock n Roll. A lot of blame can be laid on MTV. How did MTV, who gave us weird cartoons like The Head or Liquid Television and (their name) music that scared your parents turn into a homogenized, pasteurized, and sanitized reality TV channel that barely plays music? It was a domino effect that started with the Spice Girls. Read the rest of this entry »

Robots vs. Princesses is LIVE

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They did it! After years of anticipation and stalling, WONDER WOMAN has hit theaters and I’m happy to say it’s not only good, it is dare I say, wonderful. The story of how Princess Diana of Theymiscira (Gal Gadot) becomes WONDER WOMAN is a great movie for reasons I will explain below. But first…

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“We want female superhero movies!” say fans. “But women don’t sell tickets,” say execs. The argument’s been done to death. It’s time for concrete proof. And YOU have can provide that proof. So get off your keyboard and buy a ticket to Wonder Woman on opening weekend.

Why? Because despite being an icon, who hasn’t had a feature film, projects Wonder Woman as having the LOWEST DCEU OPENING WEEKEND! This means one thing, it’s up to us fans to make this movie a success.

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