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“Won Ton Baby,” has finally been released on DVD. “Won Ton Baby” stars Suzi Lorraine, Gunnar Hansen, and Debbie Rochon and is about a madame’s daughter with a parasitic evil twin. Read reviews and order a copy on Amazon.

If you like horror movies and are in the East Rutherford, NJ area this weekend check out the movie “Won Ton Baby”  at the “Saturday Nightmares” convention at the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel. The movie will screen at 2pm on Saturday stars Suzi Lorraine and Debbie Rochon and is about a baby with a taste for flesh. If you’re into “Evil Dead” or “Toxic Avenger” it’s worth seeing. To learn more about the convention go here. To read my review go here.

Conducted by Todd Matthy

If you enjoyed “Thor” and HBO’s  “Game of Thrones,” “Kingdom of Gladiators” should interest you. Directed by Stefano Milla and starring Suzi Lorraine, Annie Social, Leroy Kincaide, and Matt Polinsky, “Kingdom of Gladiators” is the story of a king who made a pact with a demon who’s come to collect the debt. To learn more about the movie, I spoke with the stars and director Stefano Milla. (more…)



Vampires, zombies, aliens, Babylonian gods who enjoy possessing innocent American girls, you recognize them. They’re all staples of the horror genre. However, at the New York Horror Film Festival, Suzi Lorraine and James Morgart brought the world a new monster to fear, babies in the horror/comedy, “Won Ton Baby.” (more…)