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Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Art by Roderic Rodriguez


Who is David?



Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Who is Kristina? (more…)

Wicked Game game 4

All artwork by Roderic Rodriguez

Here’s some unseen artwork from the sexiest indy comic of 2014, Wicked Game…but with a twist. Can you guess the right panel order?

Here’s how it works, I’m going to share three panels. YOU have to figure out their proper order. Please share what you think is the proper order is by posting in the comments section. Want to know the proper order? Order Wicked Game #1 from here or one of these fine shops.

Ready, set, GO! (more…)


My Appearance on Evil Jester Presents.

Check out my 12/28 appearance on Evil Jester Presents Radio with fellow writers Charles Day, Jeremy Mays, and H.E. Goodhue. We talk comics, writing, and Wicked Game.

Check out their new comic book: Evil Jester Presents here.

Get a FREE Wicked Game Preview at New York Comic Con.

Get a FREE Wicked Game Preview at New York Comic Con.

New York Comic Con is this weekend and while I don’t have a table, “Wicked Game” will have a presence.

I will be wandering around Artists Alley and the show floor with FREE five page previews of the book. If you’d like one all you have to do is say hi. I’ll even sign it for you.

Also, stop by “Wicked Game” letterer Mindy “Indy” Steffen’s table at Artist’s Alley table V15 to check out her work and chat about Robotech.

Also, don’t forget to check out Collector’s Kingdom at booth 2679 for books by Pronto Comics, the publishers of my previous release, Blackout.

Finally, follow me @ToddCMatthy for more on my con adventures.

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Alan Moore to Release Short Films.

By Todd Matthy

Cobra Commander is dead!!!!! Long live the Commander…or whom ever is under the helmet. (Killed in GI Joe: Cobra #12) IDW Publishing’s version of Cobra is far different then the Cobra I grew up with. And Cobra Commander, lets just say the one who’s six feet under is not the first to hold that title and at the end of IDW’s “Cobra Civil War” someone new will be stepping into that title. But who? IDW Senior Editor and Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt knows, and I attempt to pry it (and information about the Transformers “Chaos” event out of him in six questions.

To get the answers, and learn more about Comics Experience, click below.


Claudio of Coheed and Cambria Comes to NY Comic Con – New York Metal Music |

Superman Begins by Todd Matthy

“Before He Could Fly He Had To Fall”

Fade In: Dawn over the planet Krypton. Riots are occurring outside the High Council Chamber are being quelled by planetary enforcers and protestors. The protesters believe that Krypton is going to be destroyed and demand to know what council plans to do about it. Within, the fate of scientist Jor-El is being debated. Jor-El is accused of creating a public disturbance with his theory that Krypton’s red sun is about to go nova. Jor-El pleads for them to order an evacuation but the Council disagrees, they don’t have enough ships for a full evacuation, not to mention a new planet. Jor-El pleads with them but the decision for his removal is unanimous. His friends and brother, Zor-El, voted against him and is expelled. He leaves in disgust.

Outside the planets orbit, a mysterious ship shows up and fires several probes over the planet Krypton, hacking into its computer systems. This is Brainiac and he intends to study Kryptonians.



I recently conducted an interview with one of my idols, Dave Gibbons, the artist of one of the greatest comics books of all time, Watchmen written by Alan Moore. Check it out here at If you want to buy Watchmen go here.