Wicked Game: The Players-Kristina

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Comics, Girls, Making Comics, News, Science Fiction, Wicked Game
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Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Who is Kristina?

Last Name: Johansson

First Name: Kristina

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Born outside of Oslo, Kristina Johansson grew up fast after her father died in a car accident. Her mother became the breadwinner of the family leaving Kristina to raise her younger sister, Sofia. Kristina learned how to manipulate men at a young age by watching men try to impress her mother. Eventually, Kristina grew up to be a beautiful young woman and an accomplished ballerina.

Kristina is very protective of Sofia. She is willing to make deals with unsavory people if it means keeping her safe. Deals with dire consequences.

Want to know Kristina’s story? Find out in WICKED GAME # 1 available at Indyplanet, Drive Thru Comics and these fine retailers.

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