Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Art by Roderic Rodriguez


Who is David?

Last Name: Waldermann

First Name: David

For someone that easily blends in, David Waldermann loves being rewarded for doing something helpful. Especially if it’s a kiss from a girl. This inspired him to join the Yonkers Police Department.

David excelled at going undercover. His actions saved countless lives and he was commended for it. However, it was viewed as him doing his job, not something extraordinary. David resented this and turned to people who though he was extraordinary: prostitutes.

When the great quake hit and lower Westchester was united into Megaverse City, David volunteered to investigate Zladko Koronovic’s prostitution rings. An investigation that changed his life.

David is a pop culture and music aficionado. He can recognize a song from the moment he hears the opening chords. He is more then willing to share his interpretation of it.

Learn more about David in WICKED GAME # 1 available at Indyplanet, Drive Thru Comics and these fine retailers.

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