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By Todd Matthy

Tonight, I had the privilege of attending the premiere of the latest installment of Warner Brothers’ “DC Universe” animated movies, “All Star Superman” at the Paley Center. Based upon one of the greatest comics of all time I had high standards going into the screening. However, I also knew condensing a work as rich as “All Star Superman” into 75 minutes is a job for Superman. So how did the film hold up? Very well. (more…)

Superman Begins by Todd Matthy

“Before He Could Fly He Had To Fall”

Fade In: Dawn over the planet Krypton. Riots are occurring outside the High Council Chamber are being quelled by planetary enforcers and protestors. The protesters believe that Krypton is going to be destroyed and demand to know what council plans to do about it. Within, the fate of scientist Jor-El is being debated. Jor-El is accused of creating a public disturbance with his theory that Krypton’s red sun is about to go nova. Jor-El pleads for them to order an evacuation but the Council disagrees, they don’t have enough ships for a full evacuation, not to mention a new planet. Jor-El pleads with them but the decision for his removal is unanimous. His friends and brother, Zor-El, voted against him and is expelled. He leaves in disgust.

Outside the planets orbit, a mysterious ship shows up and fires several probes over the planet Krypton, hacking into its computer systems. This is Brainiac and he intends to study Kryptonians.