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The Skull King

Last year, my short story, The Skull King, was published by Exiles Magazine. Now, it is available for you to own as an e-book. 

Wilbert Stanton, editor of Exiles Magazine, said The Skull King was  “A refreshing and fun read. It reminded me that there are still true fantasy writers who refuse to conform to these new age fantasy archetypes that are diluting the genre.”

To order a copy for your Kindle click here. An excerpt is available after the jump. Thank you very much for your support. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. (more…)

In which two young men put their pride on the line, a secret meeting between lovers by the lake, and the arrival of a mysterious visitor who will greatly change the lives of Gard’s citizens…


In which a long awaited wedding finally takes place and two young man have trouble putting aside their differences. (more…)

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In which we meet Michael Donnington, his dog Biff, his girlfriend Thessaly Rose, and the people who influenced his life.

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