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William Regal and Triple H with (in order): Bayley, Sasha Banks, Finn Balor, and Enzo and Cas. The future of WWE

So the WWE draft is this week. Like most of you I’m eager to see who ends up on what show. I am also scared. I’m scared because splitting the roster in the name of “unpredictability” could ruin two divisions just when they’ve started to rebuild: the Women’s division and the Tag Team division. My solution, give the women to RAW and the Tag Team’s to SMACKDOWN. Here’s why? (more…)

SmackDown Recap.

Last month we spoke to Maria, now we talk to the second Diva to headline the “Diva Mania” tour, Jillian Hall.


Sorry this is so late but I was delayed in Europe…not really but the RAW crew really is. Anyway read if you want to see MacGruber blow up Vicki Guerrero. (more…)

Well, at long it’s here, Sting in WWE. This is the first part of an angle that would not only generate huge money for World Wrestling Entertainment, due to the abundance of dream matches, which will take place, over the course the year that Sting is signed but will also push talent to the next level, as you will see.

Now, before we get to the fan script, it should be noted that for this storyline to take place the signing of Sting MUST remain a secret. That means nobody outside of the McMahon inner circle, not even the writing staff or wrestlers, know he is coming. Sting will not sign the contract until the night of his first appearance.

Well Sting fans…its showtime, click below. (more…)