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William Regal and Triple H with (in order): Bayley, Sasha Banks, Finn Balor, and Enzo and Cas. The future of WWE

So the WWE draft is this week. Like most of you I’m eager to see who ends up on what show. I am also scared. I’m scared because splitting the roster in the name of “unpredictability” could ruin two divisions just when they’ve started to rebuild: the Women’s division and the Tag Team division. My solution, give the women to RAW and the Tag Team’s to SMACKDOWN. Here’s why? (more…)

Since I had so much fun writing a fan script to RAW last week, I decided to do another one. The host is legendary wrestler Cowboy Bill Watts, and builds off my last script. Therefore, what happened on RAW this Monday has no bearing on what happens in this script. Enjoy…