Interview: Jillian on Diva Mania

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Last month we spoke to Maria, now we talk to the second Diva to headline the “Diva Mania” tour, Jillian Hall.

How’s life been outside of WWE?

It’s been good. I’m just enjoying it right now. I’ve been spending some time with family and just relaxing.

Who proposed the idea for “Diva Mania”?

Taryn sent me a text I believe on Christmas Eve and said that she had a guy interested in doing this and it sounded like we could have a lot of fun doing it so I was up for it.

Are there any cities that you’re really looking forward to hitting?

I like going everywhere. I love the big cities. I love New York, Los Angeles, I love going to Chicago. I really look forward going back to Louisville because I lived there before I moved to Orlando. I’d like to go back there actually.

You lived there while your were training in OVW right?


Do you still talk to people who are currently on the WWE roster?

Yeah I talk to a couple of people pretty frequently.

Can you say whom? Or do you prefer not to name names?

I talk to mostly the Divas.  Melina and I are very close.

Did you watch the NXT with the Divas?

I was training them at the time they were doing the show. So I watched pieces of it here and there and tried to watch the matches. But overall I don’t really keep up with it.

Are you still training?

No. I’m not training them anymore.

Who came up with the singing gimmick? And was it supposed to be a parody of Brooke Hogan?

No, that’s not true. I came up with the singing gimmick on my own. I don’t know where the Brooke Hogan thing came from, that’s completely false.

What made you come up with it?

Because it’s me, that’s just who I am actually.

I imagine you’re a much better singer outside of the show.

Ummm…not great.

The Divas are given very little time on television. Do you think that’s because the WWE main target audience is males?

No. I don’t think that all. The Diva segments actually get very high ratings. I just think that the writers focus more on the main event guys and that kind of pushes us to the back.

Say I’m Vince McMahon and I say “Jillian I’m giving you control of the Divas. You write it. You make the champions. You come up with the characters, angles, everything.” What would you do if you were given complete control of the Divas?

<Laughs> I don’t know. I would focus more on wrestling, that’s for sure. I would let people show their talent. Maybe some people wouldn’t be there and others would be highlighted more.

Why do you think WWE deemphasizes wrestling?

Because it’s a story, it’s a soap opera. They want you to get involved with the characters more I think. Wrestling, from the writer’s standpoint, I think that they’d rather tell a story than see the matches. Even though you can tell a story through a match, that’s what a match is. It’s sad actually.

So you were a big wrestling fan growing up?


Who were your favorites?

My absolute favorite was Rick Martel.

Why should I come to Diva Mania?

We’re just going to have a fun time. You’re going to be able to interact with us. It’s going to be a great big party.

Is there going to be a cover charge?

That’ll be up to the venues, I imagine.

How do you think you’ll be doing this?

I’m sure that depends on how well it goes. I think it’s going to go great. I think we’re going to have a blast everywhere we go and I think the fans are really going to enjoy the show. This could go on for awhile, we’ll see.

Do you plan on adding more Divas as time goes on?

I think that we have a strong little group and I think that we’ll do great with the small group. If it gets really big maybe we’d add more but at this moment I don’t think we’d really need to.

Often when there are VIP’s at bars they come in, make an appearance, mingle for a few minutes, than disappear into the VIP section. Will you be sequestering yourself or will you be out with the fans?

We’ll be out there having a good time with everybody. Definitely. We’ll be dancing, partying, and having a good time.

So fans can look forward to dancing with Jillian?

I might even to sing to you if you’re lucky.

Special Thanks to Jillian Hall and Andrew Scott of Scott Celebrity Management for setting up this interview.

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