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By Todd Matthy

Founded by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, Epitaph Records), and Matt Pizzolo (HALO-8), Black Mask Studios has made publishing transgressive comic books their mission. One such book is Liberator.


Created by Matt Miner, a dedicated dog rescuer, and drawn by Javier Sanchez Aranda, Liberator is a hardline, vigilante, adventure about young people taking on dog fighting and animal abuse. So, how is it? Click below to find out.



Review: Black Sabbath-13


By Todd Matthy

Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie is one of the greatest movies ever made. Spider-Man, Batman Begins, Iron Man, and every other superhero movie have followed the blueprint it laid out. It’s heart and verisimilitude allowed the movie to stand the test of time. However, times change and you can’t keep the Man of Steel off the big screen forever. Bryan Singer attempted to resurrect the last son of Krypton in 2006’s Superman Returns. A noble effort, Superman Returns was undone by its slavish devotion to Richard Donner’s classic and a lack of action. Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) seeks to rectify this with Man of Steel. So, does it soar like Superman: The Movie or crash like Superman IV: The Quest for Peace? Click below to find out.


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Suzi Lorraine beside a Scavenger Killers poster at the Hoboken International Film Festival.

Suzi Lorraine beside a Scavenger Killers poster at the Hoboken International Film Festival.

By Todd Matthy

Bonnie and Clyde. Mickey and Mallory. They’re kittens compared to Judge Taylor Limone and Clara Lovering. Who are the last couple? They are the main characters of the movie Scavenger Killers, which debuted at the Hoboken International Film Festival. Written by Ken Del Vecchio and Rachel Robbins and directed by Dylan Blank, Scavenger Killers boasts a powerful cast that includes Eric Roberts, Robert Loggia, Charles Durning, Dustin Diamond and Suzi Lorraine. It is also one of the most brutal movies put to the screen. How brutal? Find out after the jump. (more…)


By Todd Matthy

On April 7th 2013, I finally got to go to Wrestlemania. Was it everything I expected? Click below to find out. For photos from the show check out my article for Y&P.  (more…)

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