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Former WWE Smackdown DIVA Lauren Jones has embarked upon a new venture since her days working with Vince McMahon and has now co-founded a shoe company called Lauren Jones Footwear. In the beginning, only four pairs of shoes were made, including the pair pictured here. Shoes from the collection are not yet available for purchase, except exclusively RIGHT HERE! This original pair is a collector’s item and would be great framed with a photo, out on display, or bought and kept for resale at a later date in time. If you are a fan of Lauren Jones, this is definitely a keep sake. Take advantage of this opportunity to have an original sample pair of Lauren Jones shoes, also worn in a photoshoot by Lauren Jones, as pictured here. These Lauren Jones sample shoes are size 6 white satin with silver ornamentation and have a light blue sock and sole. One of a kind.

To order, click this link or on the picture.

She’s a former WWE Diva who helped create a RAW Fan Script. She’s also a sweetheart who’s conquering everything from movies to fashion. So what makes Lauren Jones tick? Click below to find out… (more…)