Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Who is Maria?

Although she’s the Queen of Megaverse City’s underworld, little is known about Maria Avalanche. She doesn’t discuss her past. She prefers focusing on the future, which is how she made her fortune. Maria gained attention as an anonymous investor from Europe in the technology firms that provided the city’s infrastructure. When she finally arrived, Maria made her presence known.

Maria gained intimate knowledge of the city’s criminal elite after buying the Aurora Borealis nightclub.  Through the help of her “girls” Maria learned her rivals secrets, allowing her to vanquish them and become Queen of the Mountain.

Despite her ruthless nature, Maria is very protective of the girls at the Aurora Borealis, often going out of her way to help them with personal matters they’re having trouble solving.

Maria’s been dubbed “the White Lady” due to her fondness for white suits, dresses, and coats.

Maria is modeled on Actress/Model Suzi Lorraine. Check out her career at her website. To see Maria in action, pick up WICKED GAME # 1 available at Indyplanet, Drive Thru Comics and these fine retailers.




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