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Review: Motorhead-The World Is Ours Vol. 2: Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else.


Heavy Metal Avengers.

Gigantour Review






Happy National Metal Day.



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“When you’re at a Motorhead show there is only one thing to do, get yourself lost in the music and follow the rhythm of the crowd. The vibrations of the amplifiers, the feedback, the music, and your aggression guide your body. All body functions like hunger, sweat, fatigue, your bladder, don’t exist at a Motorhead show.”

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At long last the Wrestlemania Fan Script is here. Will Bret Hart finally get his revenge on Vince? Will the streak of Shawn Michael’s career end? and Will the Legend, the Franchise, or the Future prevail in the Triple Threat match for the Unified Heavyweight Championship? Click below to find out. And once you’ve read the fan script check out my commentary on the actual show. (more…)


Here are a couple new articles posted on Metal Such features include how I met Lemmy from Motorhead,  my open challenge to Sebastian Bach and Skid Row, and my opinion on the Disney/Marvel deal.