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“When you’re at a Motorhead show there is only one thing to do, get yourself lost in the music and follow the rhythm of the crowd. The vibrations of the amplifiers, the feedback, the music, and your aggression guide your body. All body functions like hunger, sweat, fatigue, your bladder, don’t exist at a Motorhead show.”

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By Todd Matthy

Since 1994, fans have clamored for a Guns N Roses reunion. However, personal issues between Axl Rose and his band mates make such a reunion impossible. Furthermore, Axl does not have the physical ability to perform at the level he used to. If a Guns N Roses reunion is ever going to happen it’s going to require a major change of attitude and outlook on life for Axl Rose. That is the purpose of this show.A combination of “Bands Reunited”, “Breaking Bonaducci” and “Celebrity Fit Club”, “Rebuilding Axl” will follow Axl Rose over a six-month period as he attempts to reconcile with his former band mates and get back into shape. (more…)