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My short story, “The Skull King” has been published in the first issue of the online literary magazine, Exiles. To read the full story click here. For a summary and excerpt continue after the jump. Thank you very much for your support. (more…)

Happy New Year everyone! To kick things off I thought I’d post the second half of the “My Favorite Comics” series of posts with my favorites from DC. Please remember like the Marvel one this is *not* a complete list and I am sure to have left out something. But, that’s what these things are supposed to be. I also included links to places where you can purchase these books. So here goes… (more…)

Since it’s Christmas Eve and I’m in the spirit of the season I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite Christmas movies and TV Specials. Some are beloved classics while others make you wonder, “What on Earth is he thinking?” but I love them anyway. None of these are in any particular order, but the higher on the list something is the more I enjoy it.  Have a Merry White Christmas (speaking of which, check my latest edition of “Todd’s Take”, “Stopping by Ring of Honor on a Snowy Evening”. I know it’s a shameless plug but I needed to get it in somewhere.) and enjoy my picks…


A few years ago I had my first article published the 89th issue of a magazine called “Protoculture Addicts”. It was about my experience working on the then impending DVD release of one of my favorite cartoons, “Voltron: Defender of the Universe”. I am happy to report that all print copies of this issue are SOLD OUT! However you can still get a digital copies. For a preview of the article and to order a digital copy click here.

PS. You can order the DVD’s at I edited and appear on the Blue Lion Collection. I also contributed to the Yellow Lion Collection.

A medieval western that’s crosses the Gunslinger with the Snow Queen.


“Do I look pretty?” Selene asked Elizabeth as she finished braiding her hair.
“Selene! How could you think you were anything but?” Elizabeth answered with her mouth hanging open as if she would answer any other way. “How about me?”
“Of course, now don’t hog the mirror, Lizzie.”
“You’ve hogged it all day.”
“Well it is mine.”
They hugged each other playfully as best friends do. They had met on their first day of school, and from that day forward, they were inseparable. (more…)

A nice, peaceful, children’s story I wrote. By the way if any artist wants to illustrate this please let me know.


A nice hard boiled yarn. By Todd Matthy

WWE Torrie Wilson yeah


My first comic book done with artist JoAnn Marie. (Check out her site at For all you Twilight fans out there, it’s a classic vampire story told from the vampire’s point of view.




A comic strip I did for IDW Publishing’s Transformers: Mosaic project with artist JoAnn Marie. Check out her website here. For more Mosaics go IDW Publishing and go to the Transformers Message Board or