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Art by Andrea Tamme

Art by Andrea Tamme

Hi everybody, check out the Tumblr I launched for my new book, Robots vs. Princesses. 

Kickstarter is launching soon!

I hope you liked the first act of my story, The Lost Prince. Now as promised the Second Act…

In which Michael begins his long journey in the legendary kingdom of Duros and Ariana is reunited with a figure from her past.  (more…)

The first act of our tale closes as Michael Donnington’s world is shattered once he learns the truth about his birth and tragedy strikes that changes not only Gard but all of Mid-Land forever.


In which two young men put their pride on the line, a secret meeting between lovers by the lake, and the arrival of a mysterious visitor who will greatly change the lives of Gard’s citizens…


In which a long awaited wedding finally takes place and two young man have trouble putting aside their differences. (more…)

In which we return to Kalidor and Talia’s master gives her some very disturbing news. (more…)

In which we meet Michael Donnington, his dog Biff, his girlfriend Thessaly Rose, and the people who influenced his life.

Missed the Prologue? Click here


Here we go. This is the the prologue to my novel, The Lost Prince, Tolkien inspired coming of age story . It sets up the story, while going for your jugular. Please leave me feedback. I plan to post more chapters in the future, along with revisions allowing you take a journey into my creative process. Now, let the adventure begin….


A medieval western that’s crosses the Gunslinger with the Snow Queen.


“Do I look pretty?” Selene asked Elizabeth as she finished braiding her hair.
“Selene! How could you think you were anything but?” Elizabeth answered with her mouth hanging open as if she would answer any other way. “How about me?”
“Of course, now don’t hog the mirror, Lizzie.”
“You’ve hogged it all day.”
“Well it is mine.”
They hugged each other playfully as best friends do. They had met on their first day of school, and from that day forward, they were inseparable. (more…)