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Y&P at the Movies: A Roundtable Interview with the Cast and Crew of Solid State

The Skull King

Last year, my short story, The Skull King, was published by Exiles Magazine. Now, it is available for you to own as an e-book. 

Wilbert Stanton, editor of Exiles Magazine, said The Skull King was  “A refreshing and fun read. It reminded me that there are still true fantasy writers who refuse to conform to these new age fantasy archetypes that are diluting the genre.”

To order a copy for your Kindle click here. An excerpt is available after the jump. Thank you very much for your support. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. (more…)

Y&P: Checkout Chiller TV’s 13 Most Terrifying Hook Ups

“When predators come out in the dark, what would you do to protect your own – The Break In. Aliens come to visit when the lists are out – Streams. There is no power in town, accept for the Monolith – The Lightbearers. The subway is the last place you want to be in a power outage – In the Bowels of Vineville.

The stories continue when the lights go out in Vineville, NY. Criminals, aliens, and the supernatural all come into play in the latest issue of Blackout!” Order a copy here or click below to learn more.  (more…)


Y&P at NY Comic Con 2012: Photo Parade | Y&P.

By Todd Matthy

Recently Chiller TV aired the special “Can You Survive a Horror Movie?” in which hosts Morgan West, Anthony Marks, and Annie Unnold and a panel of experts, including scream queen Suzi Lorraine along with several weapons, medical and survival specialists, give us a guided tour through a series famous horror scenarios. In addition the hosts partook in a series of challenges that were based on legendary horror movies. So, how was it? (more…)

By Todd Matthy

Before you go off to Camp Crystal Lake for the summer, there’s a good chance you may encounter a lumbering, hockey mask clad, killer. Can you survive? “Won Ton Baby” creator and star Suzi Lorraine, Morgan West, Anthony Marks, Annie Unnold and others may be able to help you.

Friday night at 9pm, Chiller will air Can You Survive a Horror Movie? A show that teaches you how to survive a horror movie. To see some stills click below. (more…)

By Todd Matthy

Thirty-three years ago a man named Ridley Scott redefined horror by directing a little movie called Alien. The alien creature is one of the most iconic movie monsters of all time due thanks its creepy design and being a relentless machine that either kills or cocoons and impregnates victims. Despite all this, nobody really knows anything about the alien. We know it was discovered in a derelict spaceship along with a giant being known called the space jockey, and just who or what was that space jockey guy? Thirty-three years later, Ridley Scott decided to answer not only that question but also the question of “where did we come from?” It is those mysteries that drive Prometheus. The question that concerns us is “is it any good?” Click below to find out, but beware of SPOILERS. (more…)


Y&P at MoCCA Fest 2012.


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