Warning: Opinion

For people who don’t like bullies, comic fans like to bully. Over the weekend, J. Scott Campbell and Erik Larsen voiced their opinion on super hero costumes being redesigned. Specifically, Wonder Woman’s. Their comments set off a firestorm. Some of it was polite, specifically when it was creator debating creator. But some of the comments from fans were condescending, childish, and so disrespectful that Mr. Larsen decided to leave Twitter.

It’s okay to disagree with an opinion. It’s great! But, when you write something like “Wow @JScottCampbell is like the @ErikJLarsen of crappy artists” and tag them in a tweet,  YOU are the problem NOT Erik Larsen or J. Scott Campbell.

Why would you say that to a creator? Do you know them? Have they done anything to you?

It’s a privilege that J. Scott Campbell and Erik Larsen have set up a Twitter account to communicate with you. When I was growing up, if I wanted to talk to a creator I had to write a letter to their publisher and hope they read it.

I would’ve loved to have the access to creators we have now, especially ones who have the longevity and success of Mr. Campbell and Mr. Larsen. They’re opinions on something is important because they have been successful in comics and happen to know a thing or two about the industry. Just because YOU don’t like their opinion, doesn’t mean you should treat them like art school dropouts. If they were they wouldn’t have had the careers they’ve had. Mr. Larsen doesn’t have to put up with that nonsense, nor should he have to and if you think he should, you don’t deserve to talk to him.

It’s ironic, the comic book community is supposed to be anti-bullying but what happened to Erik Larsen was bullying.  And don’t think I’m confining this to one corner of fandom, it’s not just Erik Larsen that this is happening too. Dan Slott gets tons of  harassment over Twitter. Female creators and commentators are being threatened for their opinions. What’s going on? I know things can get heated in arguments but threats? Really?

It comes down to this: if you don’t like a creator, don’t buy it. Save your money and find something you enjoy. And if you don’t like someone’s opinion, don’t try to make them go away. That’s childish. Ignore them, don’t read their tweets, don’t buy their product, don’t get yourself mad in your own home.

I hope Erik Larsen returns to Twitter but if he doesn’t want to, I’ll respect that. He shouldn’t be upset in his home.

I’ve ranted enough. Enjoy your night.



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