Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Who is Zladko?

Last Name: Koronovic

First Name: Zladko

Ambitious, ruthless, and charming are words that best describe Zladko Koronovic. A man of two worlds since he was young, Zladko paid his way through business school by abducting homeless girls off the streets of Serbia and selling them to traffickers.

Earning a fortune in the human trafficking trade, Zladko saw business opportunities in America, specifically Megaverse City. He opened up a series of high-end nightclubs and escort services that catered to every whim of its clientele. Platinum level customers deemed trustworthy got invited to attend special events he dubs “a battle of life and death.”

To ward off suspicion, Zladko became an important donor to many Megaverse charities, especially the Policemen’s Benevolent Association, where he connected with and bribed corrupt officers. Zladko is a charmer, buying patrons their first drink if they are new to his clubs. For beautiful young women, the tab is free. But, as always, there is a price.

What is Zladko’s price? Find out in WICKED GAME # 1 available at Indyplanet, Drive Thru Comics and these fine retailers.

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