Reality Show:Rebuilding Axl

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Celebrity, Commentary, Entertainment, Heavy Metal, TV
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By Todd Matthy

Since 1994, fans have clamored for a Guns N Roses reunion. However, personal issues between Axl Rose and his band mates make such a reunion impossible. Furthermore, Axl does not have the physical ability to perform at the level he used to. If a Guns N Roses reunion is ever going to happen it’s going to require a major change of attitude and outlook on life for Axl Rose. That is the purpose of this show.A combination of “Bands Reunited”, “Breaking Bonaducci” and “Celebrity Fit Club”, “Rebuilding Axl” will follow Axl Rose over a six-month period as he attempts to reconcile with his former band mates and get back into shape.

To get back in shape, a Marine drill sergeant will design a program for Axl to follow. The program will be a strict one and the drill sergeant will be overseeing Axl’s progress the entire time. If need be, he’ll show up at Axl’s house and force him to work out. To monitor his diet Axl will be hooked up with a nutritionist and will have a Yoga instructor as well.

A psychologist (like Dr. Drew) will help Axl deal with his personal issues. The psychologist will help Axl deal with issues that have plagued him all his life such like his anger issues, drug use, showing up late for shows, and most importantly his personal issues with friends and loved ones. The psychologist will also talk to former Guns N Roses members, Slash, Duff McKagen, Matt Sorum, Steven Adler, Gilby Clarke, and Izzy Stradlin. The psychologist will discuss with them their issues with Axl and try to resolve the issues between them. The psychologist will report what they said back to Axl and hopefully he’ll be willing to at least meet with his former band mates to at least resolve their differences.

By shows end, Axl, hopefully, will confront his old band mates, without the aid of lawyers, and have a civil conversation about the past resolve their differences. To acknowledge that the hatchets been buried, each band member will sign a vinyl copy of “Appetite for Destruction”. If all the band mates sign, then the reunion is on.


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