1: “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels over Zack Ryder.

2: Strap Match: JTG over Shad Gaspard

3: Fatal Four Way for the Unified Tag Team Championship: Unified Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian over JeriShow, Jack Swagger and Shelton Benjamin, and the Hart Dynasty-Benjamin accidentally super kicks Swagger allowing Christian to pin him for the victory. Afterwards, Swagger attacks Benjamin thus splitting up the Varsity Club.

4: Make Over Match for the Women’s Championship: WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool over Beth Phoenix.

5: US Championship: US Champion the Miz over Carlito.

6: Street Fight: Sheamus over Triple H

7: Extreme Iron Man match: John Cena over CM Punk with a score of 3-2.

8: Steel Cage Match: Kane over Batista

9: Extreme Rules for the Unified Championship: Unified Champion Sting over MVP- Triple H hits MVP in the stomach with the sledgehammer.


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