It’s that time of year again. The time when the WWE shakes things up and switches up its roster. I decided to keep the draft picks the same as what the WWE actually did for the sake of continuity. However, guys who were brought in as pure fantasy (Sting and Christopher Daniels) will remain on RAW.

The RAW Draft Fan Script

1: Highlights from “Extreme Rules” are shown.

2: John Cena comes to the ring.


The Iron Man is here! Speaking of Iron Man, next week’s Guest Host is none other than Iron Man creator, Stan Lee. Now, I have to admit I had a lot of fun last night getting CM Punk drunk. Punch drunk that is. So much so I’d like to do it again tonight, but right now I got something bigger on my mind, my match with Sting for the Unified Championship at Over the Limit. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity since Wrestlemania. And Stinger, no disrespect meant, you better be ready! Because I aint afraid of the Scorpion Deathlock! You can slap it on me in the center of the ring, but I will not QUIT!!

Sheamus’ music starts and he comes to the ring.


Braveh, braveh, braveh, Cena. Sure, yeh beat CM Punk last night in an Iron Man match, but big deal. Last night I ended the Game. Knocked’em out had to be helped outta the ring. Now that I’ve taken care of the Game, I’m off to get me belt back, and as I recall I put yeh through a table not to long ago to win it. So Cena lest yeh want history to be repeatin’ itself, step aside while I get me belt back.


Hold on hold on a minute Paddy Taneger the Caddy Manager. Yeah I made a Family Guy joke wanna fight about it? As I recall…

Randy Orton’s music plays and he comes to the ring.


Cena, we don’t care much for each other, and we never will. But I care for you Sheamus even less. You see I’ve been out of the title picture for a while due to personal issues with some former teammates, but those issues have been dealt with and I need to move on to bigger and better things. You brag about taking out Triple H, but I happen to know he’s here tonight. I haven’t talked to him considering the things I’ve done to him and his family, but he certainly didn’t want to be talked to. But you know what Sheamus, I’ve been there, I’ve done that! The only more fun than killing legends, is humbling young punks who think they’re legends…and I’m looking at the biggest one right here. The sad thing Sheamus is you won the title on a fluke, you didn’t even pin anyone. If anyone should step aside, it is you.


Why don’t I go get me pipe and show yeh which one’va us is a fluke.


Hey. Hey children now I hate to break up this bad bromance but I’m officially the number one contender. But, I can give one of you the opportunity to take it from me, why don’t you two fight it out later, actually you know what, I’ve gotta start training for my title match so why don’t we make it a three way and if either of you win you’ll get a shot against me for my number one contender position. By the way feel free to destroy each other before hand.

Cena leaves and Sheamus and Orton attack each other. Cut to commercial.

3: Jack Swagger over Shelton Benjamin-Big Show drafted to SMACKDOWN.

4: Layla and Women’s Champion Michelle McCool over Divas Champion Eve and Maryse- McCool pins Eve with a package after Maryse refuses to tag in- Kelly Kelly drafted to SMACKDOWN.

5: Unified Tag Team Championship: The Hart Dynasty over Unified Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian- Kidd pins Christian with the Hart attack. Cut to commercial.

6: R-Truth over US Champion the Miz- Christian is drafted to SMACKDOWN

7: Ted DiBiase Jr. wins a Battle Royal featuring Kane, Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre, Shad, JTG, Mark Henry, Santino, Yoshi Tatsu, John Morrison, and Chris Masters for three Draft picks-Edge, John Morrison, and R-Truth are drafted to RAW.

8: Rey Mysterio over Cody Rhodes- Kofi Kingston drafted to SMACKDOWN.

: The Fallen Angel over Dolph Ziggler-Chris Jericho drafted to RAW.

9: Triple H comes out.


I suppose you all want an explanation as to what went down last night. Well, the fact of the matter is I got beat. I got beat badly. It was a brutal match and I well…wound up worse for wear. But, I’ve been thinking about something. Thinking about what went wrong at Wrestlemania and last night at Extreme Rules. And I’ve come to a conclusion, the only reason a rookie like Sheamus was able to get the drop on me is because I’ve gone soft! And you know when I realized it? When Shawn retired! You see whenever I’m with Shawn things are fun. We joke around, pull pranks on the boss, and commit all sorts of fun shenanigans. But, you can only do that for so long. Soon, thinking of this business as a joke gets to your head and when it gets to your head you get soft. A lesson I learned the hard way after my match with Sheamus. He’s young, he’s hungry, he has no mercy. He wants the Unified Heavyweight Championship, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it. He reminds me of me. Or at least what I used to be. Since last year up until Shawn’s retirement I’ve been soft, but that ended last night. I will not rest until I become Unified Champion. Vince McMahon is the grandfather of my children it is only fitting that the symbol of this company be around my waist not a man who hasn’t wrestled in front of a crowd of more than 800 people for nine years. That belt is mine and I will do whatever it takes to get it. MVP, you were in my way last night so I had to get you out. So Sting, get your ass out here because we can do this tonight, next week, or a month from now. You will give me a shot!

Unified Champion Sting comes to the ring.


Hunter. I’ve listened to what you’ve said and the same goes for you as for everyone. If you want a shot at the Unified title you have to earn it. And being the heir to the kingdom doesn’t cut it. Three men are locking up tonight just to get the right to challenge me for this title. One of those men earned his spot by winning an Iron Man match last night. Want to know what you did? You cost the Money in the Bank winner his shot last night. And you know what, he’s got something he wants to say to you.

Triple H turns around and is attacked by MVP, who came out of the crowd. They brawl all the way backstage where they are broken up by security and others in the locker room. Cut to commercial.

10: Backstage- Maryse congratulates Ted DiBiase on winning the Battle Royal and three draft picks for RAW. She then asks if he remembers their ‘deal’ from France. He says he does.

11: John Cena over Randy Orton and Sheamus.


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