Tonight, WWE NXT Superstar and Jennifer Hudson fiancee David Otunga hosts RAW and he has a message for Unified Champion Sting. Plus, Triple H squares off with MVP, John Cena and CM Punk begin a best of seven series, and MAJOR free agent makes his WWE debut! A debut that will shake up not only the new Pound for Pound division but the ENTIRE WWE! Who is this man? Read on…

RAW Fan Script 4/5/10 by Todd Matthy

1: Pre-tape- Friday Night Smackdown recap. CM Punk challenging Cena to a best of seven series to determine who faces Unified Champion Sting next. Cena accepts and is knocked out and left in the ring by the Straight Edge Society.

2: Guest Host NXT Battle Royal winner David Otunga is introduced.


Hello Monday Night RAW. For those of you who don’t know I am David Otunga. I wont the NXT Battle Royal. I am a Harvard Law Graduate, and I go to the finest, most lavish, Hollywood parties with my woman Academy Award Winner, Jennifer Hudson. (He points to her in the crowd) Everyone on NXT wants to be me, you want to be me, everybody in the WWE wants to be me, but guess what? You can’t! And tonight I am the Host of Monday Night RAW and tonight I’m going to show everyone in the back what it’s like to be me. As a Harvard Law Graduate, I read over my contracts. I know every loophole, every rule, every clause, hook, line, and sinker. So when I read my contract to host RAW tonight, I saw that I have the legal power to do whatever I want, and tonight I’m going to do just that. Now, I always get what I want and tonight I want the Unified Heavyweight Championship. The Main Event for Monday Night RAW will be NXT rookie David Otunga against the Man Called Sting, for the Unified Heavyweight Championship! And I will make sure that by nights end, I go from Rookie to Champion!

(Sting’s music hits. WWE Unified Champion Sting walks out to the Titan Tron platform with the WWE and World Heavyweight belts. He’s giving Otunga a slow clap)


Great speech. You definitely have potential Mr. Otunga. And I have to say I admire your passion and ambition. Unfortunately, I’m afraid your title match is not going to happen. I’ve got the Money in the Bank winner cashing in at Extreme Rules, and two former Champions embarking on a series of matches for a shot, not to mention every contracted Superstar in that locker room behind me who wants to be the Unified Champion. You want a title shot, get in line and earn it.


No. No. No, Sting. You don’t understand me, Sting. You will defend your Unified title against me tonight. You will or I shall strip it from you. You see I have legal authority over Monday Night RAW. I decide who faces whom, when they go on, and what the Divas wear. I run this show.


Yes, indeed you do. But, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m no lawyer, but I happen to know a thing or too about the WWE Rule Book and in the NXT section it says that no NXT rookie can take a match without their mentors approval. You’re an NXT superstar, you signed the NXT contract, that means you are legally obligated to face whomever your mentor says you face, and tonight your mentor has someone special in mind for your to challenge. Oh what the heck, let’s meet him…

(R-Truth’s music hits and he comes to the ring to confront his NXT protégé)


What’s up Monday Night RAW? And what’s up David? I got a call from Sting, sayin’ you was plannin’ on becomin’ Unified Champion tonight, am I right?




And you remembered dat you don’t get a title shot ‘less I approve it, right?

Otunga (looking away):


R-Truth (cont.):

And you thought ‘cause I’m on Smackdown, that I wouldn’t be here to say no, right?




Well here’s the truth David-you aint ready for the big time! Dat’s the truth, da whole truth, and nothin’ but tha truth! But you are gettin’ an opportunity tonight. One you probably been waitin’ for. ‘Nite you gon’ be facin’ ME! That is what’s up!

Cut to Commercial.

3: Smackdown Rebound: Jack Swagger and Shelton Benjamin challenging Edge and Christian to a Unified Tag Title match. JeriShow and the Hart Dynasty interrupt and a massive brawl erupted.

4: Jack Swagger over Christian.

5: Backstage: Ted DiBiase Jr. is walking toward the ring wearing the Million Dollar Belt.

6: Ted DiBiase Jr. over Chavo. Cut to Commercial.

7: Backstage: Guest Host David Otunga is looking through the WWE Rulebook before being interrupted by Santino. Santino is upset that he has nothing to do tonight on RAW. Otunga decides to give him something to do. He makes Santino a ‘paralegal’ and has him to read over the WWE Rulebook to find a loophole that’ll get him out of his match with R-Truth later on.

8: Six Diva Tag Match- Divas Champion Maryse, Jillian, and Alicia Fox over Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins-Maryse pins Brie Bella.

9: Backstage: Santino, wearing a pair of glasses and acting like an intellectual, continues pouring through the WWE Rulebook. David Otunga brings in two new ‘paralegals’, Gail Kim and Eve. Cut to Commercial.

10:  US Champion The Miz comes to the ring and grabs the mic.


I am the Miz and I’m still AWESOME!!!!! I know all of you were disappointed last week by my absence, but I figured since I fought so hard to retain my US title at Wrestlemania, I gave myself a week off because I’m so awesome. Unfortunately, my NXT protégé Daniel Bryan is awful. Not only did he have the nerve to cheap shot me after my hard fought victory on the grandest stage of all, he couldn’t even win the battle royal to become tonight’s Guest Host. To which I have to say, David Otunga, good job. I wish my protégé were half as talented as you. I want to…

(Carlito’s music hits and he comes to the ring, eating his trademark apple)


Miz (he takes a bite of his apple) when Daniel Bryan made you tap at Wrestlemania, that’s cool. You, wearing the United States Championship is not cool.


What? Excuse me Carlito, but whom are you too come out here and interrupt me? I am the Miz, I am the United States Champion, I won my match at Wrestlemania while you…well you didn’t even have a match at Wrestlemania. You were with all the wannabes in the dark battle royal. So, tell me Carlito, how ‘cool’ is that?

Carlito (between bites of his apple):

You’re right. Carlito not having a match at Wrestlemania, not cool. Carlito needs to step it up a notch. Needs a big win say a title?

Miz (laughing):

A title? Are you asking me for a title shot?

Carlito (between bites):

No man. Carlito not asking, Carlito demanding a title shot. Carlito merely asks if you want a bite of his apple.

The Miz is about to answer when Carlito spits the apple in his face. A brawl begins between the two that is broken up by WWE Officials. Cut to Commercial.

11: Backstage: The Miz is rubbing off the apple bits when Maryse walks by. He tries to hit on her but she laughs at him. Maryse walks away and bumps into Ted DiBiase Jr. carrying the Million Dollar Belt. She rubs her finger up and down it and complements the diamonds. DiBiase walks away.

12: Pound for Pound Match: Zack Ryder w/Rosa Mendes over Primo- Immediately after the match, the lights go out. When the lights return a hooded figure is in the ring behind Ryder. Ryder turns around and the figure hits him with the “Angels Wings”. After felling Ryder the figure spins to a kneeling position, lifts two fingers to the sky, and removes his hood. It is the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels! Cut to commercial.

13: Backstage: Otunga’s legal team is still looking for loopholes. Santino finds one. David Otunga is pleased and fires the rest of the staff.

14: MVP over Triple H via Disqualification-Sheamus attacks Triple H. Cut to commercial.

15: R-Truth does his entrance and calls out his NXT protégé, tonight’s Guest Host, David Otunga. Otunga comes out with his ‘paralegal’ Santino and his arm in a sling. Otunga tells R-Truth that he has a broken arm and is legally not obligated to wrestle. For proof he has Santino read the section of the WWE Rulebook that says so. R-Truth says he’s disappointed in his protégé. About to leave the ring, Santino tosses Ortunga his copy of the WWE Rulebook and he catches it with his broken arm. Truth orders the bell to be rung.

16: R-Truth over David Otunga- Bell rings and Truth immediately hits Ortunga with a Corkscrew Scissors Kick for the three count. Afterwards Truth tells him he still has a lot to learn. Cut to Commercial.

17: Best of Seven for Number 1 Contendership- 1: John Cena and CM Punk battle to a time limit draw. Show ends

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