Sting in WWE: Phase Three begins

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Fan Scripts, Professional Wrestling, Sports, Sting in WWE, WWE

Sorry, no picture this week. It’s been a busy one but I’ll try to get these up sooner. Anyway…

It is the night after Wrestlemania, and a new age has begun in the WWE. Sting is the Unified Champion and Shawn Michaels is retiring. What is the new landscape of the WWE? And what is this talk of a Pound for Pound Division? Read on.

RAW-3/29/10 Fan Script

1: Pre-tape: Highlights of Wrestlemania XXVI

2: Show opens.  The King and Michael Cole announce that Shawn Michaels will say his farewell tonight.

3: Sting’s music hits. The new Unified Heavyweight Champion, Sting makes his entrance and enters the ring carrying the World and WWE belts.


I feel good! I feel real good. It feels good to once again hold this. (He hoists up the World Heavyweight Belt) And to finally hold this. (He hoists up the WWE title) Last night, I wrestled one of the most intense matches of my career, against two of the greatest athletes in the world today, and I did it all on the grandest stage of all, Wrestlemania! When I came to the WWE, I said I came to prove I’m the best. And tonight I stand before you as the best, as the Unified Heavyweight Champion! You know, when I think of all the greats that have worn both these belts, I can’t help but think of how hard myself and those before me worked to just to get a shot at one of these titles, much less both. I think of guys like Shawn Michaels! Whose boyhood dream was to be WWE Champion! Who came back after a five year injury to become World Heavyweight Champion! Who went on to become, perhaps, the finest superstar in WWE history, a man who will surely be missed by all of you and myself! Shawn, I love you man, good luck in the future.

Sting (cont.):

I talk about Shawn because he fought like a champion. He worked hard to climb to the top and the first couple of times he did not succeed. And that was only for one of these titles. Last night, these belts were unified and the era of the Unified Championship has begun. And with a new era comes new rules. I want this title to mean something. I want to wrestle the finest challengers! I want to wrestle the best athletes the WWE has to offer. You want a shot at the title you’re gonna have to earn it. This title will not be given to the biggest guy in the back simply because the boss likes him, it will be won. Sorry, but giving the Stinger a cheap shot doesn’t earn you a title shot. If you want a shot at the Stinger I say bring it, but it won’t be for the title. Here’s how you earn a shot the best athlete from RAW and the best athlete on SMACKDOWN will wrestle one another and the winner is the number one contender.

(CM Punks music hits. He comes to the ring accompanied by the Straight Edge Society)

CM Punk:

Blah, blah, blah. Sting you’re preaching is making me sick! I don’t see a champion standing in that ring. I see a coward hiding behind face paint. I see a man who for the past ten years hasn’t wrestled in front of more than 500 people.


What’s your point, Punk?

CM Punk:

My point is your title is faulty. You never pinned me last night and guess what, I have a rematch clause. And I’m going to prove to all these addicts and pill heads that it doesn’t take a gauntlet to be Unified Champion. It takes being Straight Edge, it takes being Punk.

(Cena’s music hits. John Cena comes to the ring)

John Cena:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there a minute, Punk. First of all I have to say, Sting last night you beat me fair and square and congratulations on becoming Unified Champion. As for you Punk, I must’ve knocked a couple of your brain cells loose last night.  Because if you remember, I went into our match as WWE Champion and guess what, I also have a rematch clause. So if you want a shot at the Stinger, you’re gonna have to go through me. You ready?

(Sheamus’ music hits and he comes to the ring)


Yeh wan’ to know what I see? I see three bloody wankers standin’ ‘round arguing over who’s the biggest loser. Yeh see, I too was WWE Champion, and I los’ it in the Elimination Chamber. I too have a rematch clause to cash in, and yeh know what I’m the only one of us who won his match last night at Wrestlemania. So, Sting that means I gotta a shot against yeh. And if I hafta beat my way between these two wankers to get yeh, then I’ll do it right now. Then I’m gonna take back what’s mine after I take…

(Sheamus is interrupted when the Money in the Bank winner MVP comes out carrying the Money in the Bank brief case to the ring.)


What up, what up? You guys all have the qualifications. You’ve all got a reason, but you don’t have (raising the brief case) but you don’t got the money. I got the money, and I’m gonna cash it in on the night when the odds are EXTREMELY in my favor. In other words on the night when rules are extreme, MVP, is cashing in his money, to become Unified Champ of the WWE!

CM Punk:

Are you stupid? I was Mr. Money in the Bank two years in a row, and you’re telling everyone when you’re cashing it in? You’re worthy to carry that briefcase. Besides in the WWE rulebook it says the unseated champion gets the first shot.


Enough! As far as I’m concerned all of you are number one contenders and all of you will get your shot. The question is which one of you will go first. Lets say you all have a four corners match and the winner, gets me at Extreme Rules.

(The challengers nod in agreement) Go to Commercial

4: The Guest Hosts, Rob Cordrey and the other guy from Hot Tub Time Machine are introduced. They bring out IRS, Roddy Piper, Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Arn Anderson, Sgt. Slaughter, and others to use as lumberjacks for the next match.

5: Jack Swagger over Ted Dibiase Jr- Afterwards DiBiase and his father have words.  Go to Commerical.

6: Backstage: Ted DiBiase Jr. and the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase Sr. are discussing what happened during the match.

DiBiase Jr.:

Dad, I don’t want to talk about it.

DiBiase Sr.:

Too bad because you’re not leaving till I say what I have to say. You’ve lost it. You’ve lost your way, you’ve forgotten who you are. You only use my name but you’ve not used what I’ve taught you. Instead you’ve been listening to Orton, well forget what he said. You’re done with him now. Ted, when you introduced yourself as Priceless, you meant it because it’s true. You are my son; you have my money and my skills. You just haven’t used them. Where your skills lack, the money takes over. And the money can get you anything…and I mean anything. Power, Divas…titles, everybody’s got a price, everyone but you (he gives DiBiase Jr. the Million Dollar Belt)…just in case you need a reminder.

7: Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the ring. He announces that coming soon to the WWE is a new Division, the Pound for Pound Division, and that the next match is a preview of the action the fans will see in that division.

8: Yoshi Tatsu over Evan Bourne. Cut to Commercial.

9: Bret Hart comes to the ring and delivers his farewell but is interrupted by Chris Jericho and the Big Show. Jericho calls a Bret a hypocrite and a sell out for returning the WWE. Jericho says that he and the Big Show will soon regain the Unified Tag Team Championship but first they’ll finish off Bret. Bret tells them to get to him and the titles they have to go through the Hart Dynasty.

10: The Hart Dynasty over JeriShow

11: Triple H delivers a speech about Shawn Michaels

12: MVP over John Cena, Sheamus, and CM Punk for the first shot at the Unified title- Cena and Punk brawl outside while Triple H knocks out Sheamus with the sledgehammer, allowing MVP to pin Sheamus for the victory.

13: Shawn Michaels says farewell. The Undertaker tips his hat to him.


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