Interview Previews, Suzi Lorraine and Transformers Creator Bob Budiansky

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Pretty girls and kittens plus Transformers (sorry the image wouldn’t fit), what could be better?

Reading an interview with said pretty girl, Horror Queen Suzi Lorraine and The Architect of the Transformers, former Marvel Writer Bob Budiansky!

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Suzi Lorraine

She’s just too good to be true. A girl who is into heavy metal, horror movies, and a model?  A girl like that only exists in our dreams…or is Suzi Lorraine. Straight out of New Jersey, Suzi has modeled all over the world in magazines like GQ and Esquire. Suzi is also an accomplished actress and writer, whose had articles published in magazines like Gorezone and Horrormania and just co-wrote her first feature, a horror comedy called Won Ton Baby. Want to know about it along with what brought Suzito the “dark side” of entertainment.

How does a girl like you get into horror and Alice Cooper?

Primarily because of my older brother’s influence. When I was little, he was into rock and roll and scary movies and I remember hearing the “Welcome to my Nightmare” album by Alice Cooper and it freaked me out. I was little so I was so scared but so enthralled by it at the same time.  I would run to my room and then come back and ask him “can you play Steven again?” So I think I was imprinted with all things horror very young.   We used to watch scary movies like Halloween, Dead and Buried, Pieces, you name it. You know, the more I talk to horror fans, a lot of them started watchinghorror movies at a younge age, so I’m wondering if there’s something to that imprinting theory…

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Bob Budiansky, The Architect of the Transformers

Bob Budiansky has had a pretty good career. He was an accomplished penciller on Ghost Rider, created the character Sleepwalker, and served as editor on such titles as Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and the entire line of books starring a little known character named Spider-Man. He was responsible for a couple of significant initiatives bringing many (including myself) into comics. The first initiative of note was creating the wildly popular Marvel Trading Cards that so many others and I collected in the nineties. And in the eighties he was a significant architect of The Transformers, writing both the comics and biographies on the packages of the toys.

Can you talk about the politics of writing a toy comic book?

Most importantly, everything I wrote had to be approved by a representative of the toy company that owns the property, in this case Hasbro. As Hasbro rolled out new toys, I was asked to feature them in the comic book, which I did. I also kept in mind that the audience was for the Transformers toys as I wrote the stories. No one from Hasbro ever asked me to specifically write for boys of approximately the ages of 6-12, but common sense dictated that was the group to whom the toys were being primarily marketed, and so I fashioned stories that I thought would have appeal to that group.

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And for a bonus…my review of the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic written by Joss Whedon

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