At long last Wicked Game is here! And what better way to celebrate than a party. Join me (writer, Todd Matthy) and letterer Mindy Steffen (Daily Misfortune) on Saturday April 26th at Carmine Street Comics from 5pm-8pm.

Come hang out, talk comics, discuss the weather, and get your copy of Wicked Game #1 signed.

Date: Saturday April 26th

Time: 5pm-8pm

Place: Carmine Street Comics, 34 Carmine Street, West Village

Nearest Public Transit:

Houston St on the 1

West 4th St on the ACE BDFM

Christopher St on the PATH Train


Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Art by Roderic Rodriguez

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Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Art by Roderic Rodriguez


Who is David?

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Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Art by Roderic Rodriguez

Who is Kristina? Read the rest of this entry »

Wicked Game game 4

All artwork by Roderic Rodriguez

Here’s some unseen artwork from the sexiest indy comic of 2014, Wicked Game…but with a twist. Can you guess the right panel order?

Here’s how it works, I’m going to share three panels. YOU have to figure out their proper order. Please share what you think is the proper order is by posting in the comments section. When will you find out the proper? When Wicked Game is officially released this April!

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Art by Menton3

Art by Menton3

Two of my favorite things are heavy metal music and comic books, so whenever I hear that a band writes songs based on a comic (like Iced Earth did with Spawn) or a musician is making comics of their own (like Tom Morello or Claudio Sanchez) I’m curious. The latest collaboration between a band and comic book creator is Matt Miner (Liberator) and Earth Crisis for Liberator/Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocents. Read the rest of this entry »

Ice Queen

Art by Kerry Maffeo

By Todd Matthy

“What if you had to choose between friendship and duty? What would you do if the love of your life learned the magic that controls frigid storms and cruel snow? What if only you could destroy them? These are the questions plaguing Thomas, the village Sentinel, forced to defend his home against his friend Selene, the newly -crowned Ice Queen.”

My supernatural, western, fantasy is now available on Kindle for ONLY $.99. Click here to purchase or read an excerpt after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »


My Appearance on Evil Jester Presents.

Check out my 12/28 appearance on Evil Jester Presents Radio with fellow writers Charles Day, Jeremy Mays, and H.E. Goodhue. We talk comics, writing, and Wicked Game.

Check out their new comic book: Evil Jester Presents here.

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By Todd Matthy

In the summer of 1986, children were traumatized when Optimus Prime sacrificed himself to stop his archrival, Megatron. But it wasn’t Megatron who pulled the trigger, it was a writer named Ron Friedman.

Ron Friedman wrote Transformers: The Movie. He wrote the five-part miniseries that launched GI Joe. He is close friends with Stan Lee and helped Stan develop The Marvel Action Hour, featuring Iron Man and Fantastic Four. He has written episodes of All in the Family, Happy Days, and Fantasy Island. In addition to his writing credentials, Ron is an architect and a teacher at Chapman University.

In 2014, Ron plans to chronicle his experiences as a writer in the memoir, I Killed Optimus Prime. The book promises a fascinating look behind the scenes of the shows that defined our childhood.

I had the privilege of speaking with Ron about his career, his friendship with Stan Lee, what he thought when he first saw the Transformers, how Orson Welles became Unicron, and why he didn’t want to kill Optimus Prime.

So, to kick off the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers, Ron Friedman, the man who killed Optimus Prime.

WARNING: Some language.

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Merry Christmas to all! As a present for all of you, here is a preview of my comic book, “Wicked Game.” Written, drawn, and lettered for your enjoyment.  Writing comics is a passion of mine and the completion of this book is one of my greatest accomplishments.

It’s something I couldn’t have done without my collaborators: Cary Watson; who did the logo, Mindy Steffen; my letterer, Suzi Lorraine; a great actress/writer who is the model for the character of Maria, and Roderic Rodriguez; a gem whose art brought this story to life.

Thank you so much for reading this preview. I hope you enjoy it. If you do be sure to like the Facebook page and keep checking this page for news about this exciting book. Have a wonderful holiday season.

UPDATE: Check out my appearance on Evil Jester Presents with fellow writers Charles Day, Jeremy Mays, and H.E. Goodhue. We talk comics, writing, and of course “Wicked Game.” Click here to listen. Preview is after the jump!

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