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By Todd Matthy

The fate of pro wrestling was decided in 2001 when WWE purchased WCW and shattered the dreams of every wrestling fan with the subsequent “Invasion.” I’m not going to bore you with the details but the biggest storyline in wrestling history became the biggest bomb in wrestling history…and it was designed to be. Vince McMahon’s ego wouldn’t allow WCW (and ECW) to portrayed as equals to the WWE, driving off millions of wrestling fans that have not returned. So how could it have turned out differently?

Kayfabe Commentaries turned to Vince Russo and Jim Cornette to rebook the Invasion. What would they have done? And whose version is better? Click below to find out. (more…)

Here’s my fan script for this week’s RAW. This also includes my results for “Breaking Point”. Enjoy, next week the host is Kanye West.


I’m starting to enjoy doing these. It makes me feel like a kid playing with his wrestling figures all over again. I know this weeks edition is a little late (fear not it’s not a rehash of what happened on the actual show.)  but that’s because I had a little help. This episodes hostess is Lauren Jones, and she actually contributed a few ideas to the script, including a heartfelt farewell to announcer Lillian Garcia. Pretty cool.

Check out her website, with information on her new shoe line here. Now enjoy….


Since I had so much fun writing a fan script to RAW last week, I decided to do another one. The host is legendary wrestler Cowboy Bill Watts, and builds off my last script. Therefore, what happened on RAW this Monday has no bearing on what happens in this script. Enjoy…


If you know me you know I am a huge wrestling fan. Unfortunately for me, the current product on WWE television is a joke. They have no new stars, are predictable, and you can always count on Pay-Per-View’s being headlined by someone named either Cena, Orton, or Triple H. They need a shot in the arm…so I decided to give it to them.

Here is MY script for an upcoming episode of the WWE’s flagship program RAW. It is done in wrestling-script format. Please be aware that this is NOT an official script but a product of my imagination. However, please leave comments on what you thought…and even how my show compares to the actual show airing on Monday.