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“Broken” Matt Hardy and “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy

By Todd Matthy

On Thursday December 15th at 8pm/7C on POP TV, the wrestling world will be rocked to the core when TNA WRESTLING presents TOTAL NONSTOP DELETION!!!!!!!

An entire episode of IMPACT WRESTLING originating from the The Hardy Compound that will culminate in a final battle known as APOCALYPTO.

If past journeys to the Compound are any indication, there is no way for me to explain what you should expect. So I turned to “Brother Nero” himself, JEFF HARDY, to explain TOTAL NONSTOP DELETION!


By Todd Matthy

In the Fall of 2009, Sting’s contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling expired. He eventually resigned with the company. But what if he signed with World Wrestling Entertainment instead?

Below, divided into seven phases (each representing a “book”) is the week by week story of the WWE in 2010 had Sting signed a one year deal. Each week a chapter told in script format.

So does the arrival of Sting affect the WWE? Is Sting a face or heel? What happens on January 4th? Who headlines Wrestlemania? Who are the Champions?  How is the Nexus affected? Does he face the Undertaker? It’s all there, along with the stories of the entire WWE roster, Guest Hosts, and some surprising arrivals.


The Nexus have revealed their mentor, and it is Sting. Why did Sting betray the WWE? And what is Phase Two of the Nexus’ plans? (more…)

Since it’s Valentines Day I thought I’d share with everyone something special. Last year for Coed Magazine, I talked with Valerie Wyndham, TNA Knockout So Cal Val, about Valentines Day. So I thought I’d share it with you again. Click here for Val’s advice.

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Well, at long it’s here, Sting in WWE. This is the first part of an angle that would not only generate huge money for World Wrestling Entertainment, due to the abundance of dream matches, which will take place, over the course the year that Sting is signed but will also push talent to the next level, as you will see.

Now, before we get to the fan script, it should be noted that for this storyline to take place the signing of Sting MUST remain a secret. That means nobody outside of the McMahon inner circle, not even the writing staff or wrestlers, know he is coming. Sting will not sign the contract until the night of his first appearance.

Well Sting fans…its showtime, click below. (more…)

Check me out at the Hulk Hogan Press Conference, I start to appear around the 3 minute mark. Unfortunately they cut out my question (since I was questioned his relationship with TNA’s headwriter) But, click here and watch the video then check out the links to my take on the press conference and other things.



To The Fan Scripts (more…)