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A month ago I posted an article about how Goldberg coming back to WWE was going to be a disappointment. I was wrong. Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series and did it in 90 seconds.

What appeared to be a story designed to give Brock Lesnar back his biggest loss (ala Hogan/Warrior II) became the most talked about 90 seconds of wrestling in 2016. The question on everyone’s mind is “where do they go from here?” The answer: several places. (more…)

goldberg_bio reports that Bill Goldberg will be returning to WWE.

This is exciting news for fans who got into wrestling during THE MONDAY NIGHT WARS. WCW’s unstoppable for is returning and, from all video game trailers, is on a collision course with Brock Lesnar. Many of you are excited and you should be. I’m not because I saw this scenario two years ago and all signs point to history repeating itself

The long awaited dream match. The Icon vs. the Phenom. The match you wanted to see but never thought you’d see. Plus, John Cena’s career is on the line as he leads the C-Nation into battle with the Nexus. (more…)

RAW goes old school for go home show to “Survivor Series”. Who will show up? Will John Cena assemble a team or is this his final RAW? And what happens when Sting and the Undertaker meet face to face to sign the contract for their match? Read on… (more…)

“Survivor Series” approaches and the teams are taking shape as John Cena’s troubles only get worse... (more…)

Pee Wee Herman guest hosts RAW as Wade Barrett issues John Cena a “Survivor Series” ultimatum. Plus, what surprise does Sting have for the Undertaker? (more…)