goldberg_bio reports that Bill Goldberg will be returning to WWE.

This is exciting news for fans who got into wrestling during THE MONDAY NIGHT WARS. WCW’s unstoppable for is returning and, from all video game trailers, is on a collision course with Brock Lesnar. Many of you are excited and you should be. I’m not because I saw this scenario two years ago and all signs point to history repeating itself


All signs point toBill Goldberg returning at Survivor Series. He’ll do something to Brock. We’ll be told he’s the one guy Brock never beat. (Brock lost to him at WRESTLEMANIA 20) They’ll make the match, Goldberg will take a couple of F5’s to show how tough he is but ultimately lose to Brock. Again, see Sting in WWE. And it’s the only scenario that makes sense.

WWE needs to keep Brock Lesnar strong. He ended the Undertaker’s streak and beat John Cena by tossing him around like a rag doll. They NEED Brock to put over their next big star (Roman Reigns) because he’ll be the one that “slayed the Beast!” What value is there in having Brock lose to a 50 year-old man that hasn’t wrestled over 10 years? None.

Next, who is Bill Goldberg? Bill Goldberg was WCW’s most successful homegrown star that wasn’t established in WWE. Do you really think Vince is going to have a WCW star beat his top heel that he is paying top dollar for?

Furthermore, lets look at Goldberg’s run in WWE from 2003-2004. They debuted him strong by having him beat the Rock and re-starting the undefeated streak. Then he ran into Triple H, who pinned him in an Elimination Chamber match. Goldberg would beat Triple H for the World Title at the next Pay Per View (and lose it by years end), but it was too late. The aura of invincibility was gone. Goldberg became another guy on the show until his final match, where he took a stunner from Steve Austin after beating Brock Lesnar. (Which wasn’t the plan until Vince learned Brock was leaving) This was when Goldberg was hot off his WCW run. If they didn’t commit to him then, why would they after a ten year absence?

Lastly, there how he’s returning. Goldberg is a featured character in a video game. Sources are saying he is going either appear or have a match at Survivor Series next month. The manner of his arrival is similar to Sting’s (again). And what happened there? Sting lost his first match in WWE. All signs point to the same happening to Goldberg.

Could I be wrong? Yes. But, history has made me cynical.





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