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It’s time for the “King of the Ring.” Who will jump to the next level? (more…)

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s this week’s script… (more…)

The long awaited dream match. The Icon vs. the Phenom. The match you wanted to see but never thought you’d see. Plus, John Cena’s career is on the line as he leads the C-Nation into battle with the Nexus. (more…)

RAW goes old school for go home show to “Survivor Series”. Who will show up? Will John Cena assemble a team or is this his final RAW? And what happens when Sting and the Undertaker meet face to face to sign the contract for their match? Read on… (more…)

“Survivor Series” approaches and the teams are taking shape as John Cena’s troubles only get worse... (more…)

Pee Wee Herman guest hosts RAW as Wade Barrett issues John Cena a “Survivor Series” ultimatum. Plus, what surprise does Sting have for the Undertaker? (more…)

The road to “Survivor Series” kicks off with a dream come true; Sting challenging the Undertaker. Will the Phenom accept? That and He-Man debuts? (more…)

It’s RAW vs. SMACKDOWN with the winner challenging the Nexus in “The Match Beyond” otherwise known as “War Games”. (more…)

Stand up for WWE…by reading this fan script. (more…)

John Cena joins Nexus while Wade Barrett challenges both RAW and SMACKDOWN to old classic at “Bragging Rights”. War Games. (more…)