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By Todd Matthy

For readers in the Chicago area, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is taking place in the North Building at McCormick Place.Voltron will have a heavy presence there at booth #430 and a panel called “Form Blazing Comics” taking place on Saturday at 3:15 in room S401abc.

One of the panel’s participants is Brandon Thomas, the writer on Dynamite’s Voltron comic book. He’s taken the franchise in a very interesting direction. I recently spoke to Brandon about the direction he’s leading Voltron down. Warning there are SPOILERS for those who are waiting for the trade. (more…)

By Todd Matthy

The major spoke in the wheel that is Voltron’s revival is the brand new series “Voltron Force” currently airing on Nicktoons. Like many animated series “Voltron Force” has a comic book tie-in thanks to Viz Publishing. Written by former Marvel Editor/Stuff of Legend writer Brian Smith with art work by Jacob Chabot, the first in a series of graphic novels has hit comic book stores this week. So what can we expect from this series. I talked to Brian Smth, Jacob Chabot, and editor Traci Todd at New York Comic Con to find out. (more…)


NY Metal Music Examiner Interview with Accept’s Mark Tornillo.

By Todd Matthy

With Voltron # 3 (see above) on sale at comic stores everywhere, I thought I’d share with you my interview with Nick Barrucci, the President of Dynamite Entertainment, the publisher of the “Voltron” comic book. We discuss the book’s direction and the prospects of the giant robot crossover we ALL want to see. (more…)

By Todd Matthy

You may not know Bob Koplar, but as Vice-President of World Events Productions, he is one of the most important figures behind the revival of “Voltron” and the creation of “Voltron Force.”

With new “Voltron Force” episodes beginning February 29th at 8:00 pm on Nicktoons, I present to you this interview with Bob Koplar from New York Comic Con. (more…)


Fashion and Comics with Andrea Grant | Y&P.

Y&P Interviews Lily Claire from Lily & The Parlour Tricks | Y&P.

Courtesy of Playboy

This summer, “Miss July” Jessa Hinton was kind enough to grant me an interview. Please support Jessa by voting her 2012’s “Playmate of the Year.” She deserves it.

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I am a huge fan of  “Voltron: Defender of the Universe.” Growing up it was one of my favorite shows. Something about the cross between “Transformers” and “Legend of Zelda” resonated with me so much that the show continues to hold a special place in my heart. So much so, that “Voltron” has become part of my professional life. I served as the “Assistant Editor” on the Media Blasters DVD release and was the subject of my first published article in “Protoculture Addicts” (which you can order here). As you can see, the mighty robot’s and my paths have crossed quite a bit.

I guess it was inevitable we’d meet again at the annual New York Comic Convention. This year World Events Productions was there to promote their new show “Voltron Force” (currently airing Thursday nights at 8:30 on Nicktoons) which turns the Voltron dynamic on it’s head by making the team enemies of Galaxy Alliance they swore to protect.

In the first of a series of articles I talked to “Voltron Force” producer Jeremy Corray about the new show, what we can expect in upcoming episodes, and whether the Vehicle Force will make a cameo appearance. (more…)

By Todd Matthy

A couple of weeks ago I posted a report about the”Venture Brothers” panel from NYCC, featuring creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick. I enjoyed it so much I decided to follow up with a few questions of my own for the esteemed creators of one of the funniest shows on television. Click below to learn why they hate Jem and if more Shallow Gravy is in our future.