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By Todd Matthy

With Voltron # 3 (see above) on sale at comic stores everywhere, I thought I’d share with you my interview with Nick Barrucci, the President of Dynamite Entertainment, the publisher of the “Voltron” comic book. We discuss the book’s direction and the prospects of the giant robot crossover we ALL want to see. (more…)

By Todd Matthy

This is the first of a series of articles from New York Comic Con 2011.

Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick brought plenty of laughs and stories about oil to Friday’s “Venture Brothers” panel at the New York Comic Con. The panel consisted of questions culled from emails that were only “slightly stupid.”

The true definition of a “rusty venture” came up with Doc saying Brock was closest to the truth. Jackson, on the other hand, believes it involves a barrel. It’s hard to believe it and Shallow Gravy (Hank’s band) weren’t in the first draft of the “Home School Prom” episode. When asked which character’s they’d like to get a “rusty venture” from Jackson answered Shore Leave and Doc chose Gary. However, the best was yet to come. (more…)