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NY Comic Con 2013 Photo Parade |

Get a FREE Wicked Game Preview at New York Comic Con.

Get a FREE Wicked Game Preview at New York Comic Con.

New York Comic Con is this weekend and while I don’t have a table, “Wicked Game” will have a presence.

I will be wandering around Artists Alley and the show floor with FREE five page previews of the book. If you’d like one all you have to do is say hi. I’ll even sign it for you.

Also, stop by “Wicked Game” letterer Mindy “Indy” Steffen’s table at Artist’s Alley table V15 to check out her work and chat about Robotech.

Also, don’t forget to check out Collector’s Kingdom at booth 2679 for books by Pronto Comics, the publishers of my previous release, Blackout.

Finally, follow me @ToddCMatthy for more on my con adventures.

Don’t forget to “Like” the Facebook page.

Hello readers,

If you typed in and find yourself redirected to, don’t worry. I’m in the process of renaming the page. Same great content. Easier address to remember.

While your here, be sure to “Like” the Facebook page for my upcoming comic book, Wicked Game.

Keep living dangerously my friends.


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