Review: Jason Bourne

Posted: July 19, 2016 in Celebrity, Commentary, Movies, Reviews, Uncategorized
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I got to see an advanced screen of Jason Bourne todayIf you haven’t seen any of the Bourne movies, do not start here. MINOR SPOILERS below because I’m going to tell you why. 

Jason Bourne has been called “James Bond for the 21st Century.” Though his story (at least the one author Robert Ludlum wrote) “ended” with 2007’s The Bourne Supremacy, the people have been clamoring for more Bourne. Hollywood and Matt Damon were happy to oblige. Unfortunately, rather then expanding the Bourne universe this movie just follows him around. Literally.

There are so many scenes of shaky cam following in this movie that I’d like to take a stopwatch and get a percentage of the run time. The movie has a weak story and to an extent that is because Jason Bourne’s story has been told.

Jason Bourne is appealing because he’s a bad-ass amnesiac was on a quest to find out discover his identity. There was a mystery to the original Bourne Trilogy that combined with action and political intrigue gave us a multilayered film. We cared about Jason Bourne. We wanted him to find out who he was and what happened to him. This movie doesn’t have that mystery. There are no layers.

If there’s nothing more to say about the hero, make the villains interesting. Jason Bourne does not do that. Tommy Lee Jones’ character is a CIA director trying to tie up a loose end, protecting an assassin development program and spying on people through social media. No nuance, just straight forward “my country right or wrong.”

Finally, there is the action. While there is a scene where Bourne turns Las Vegas into a demolition derby, it’s nothing memorable. And honestly, Michael Bay does demolition better. At no point in this movie do you feel like Jason Bourne is in danger. The assassin out to get him is as much of a threat to Bourne as the Brooklyn Brawler is to the Undertaker.

If you want to see more of the Jason Bourne character just to see him kick ass then see this movie. If you want an expansion of the “Bourne Universe” or to see the Jason Bourne character grow, this movie is not it. And if you’re a newbie, rent The Bourne Identity.





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