Here are several articles I’ve written for the Comix411 subsite of Most are reviews but there’s a good amount of commentary in there too…

Watchmen Review

An Interview with Neal Adams

Invincible Iron Man 10 Review

Thunderbolts 28- A Great Moment in Comics History

Superman Beyond

Yo Joe

The Umbrella Academy Review– My review of “My Chemical Romance” frontman Gerard Way’s comic book. Did he successfully jump from music to comics?

The Boys 26


Ultimate Hulk Annual

The World According to Todd: Best of 2008– I remember the high’s and lows of 2008 in the world of comics…and Supergirl 🙂

Everyone Loves Supergirl

Everyone Loves Supergirl

Civil War” Comes to Heroes– My prediction of how the past season of “Heroes” would play out. How did I do?

Wood is Broadway’s Mary Jane– Believe it or not there is going to be a Spider-Man musical and Evan Rachel Wood is Mary Jane.

Reviewing and Betting on Marvel’s “Dark Reign”

Final Crisis Management

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