My articles from an amazing website run by Josh Nason for fans of Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and Professional Wrestling. Check it out.


Laying out the Ultimate Randy Savage DVD– An article that originally appeared on Bleecher that was picked up by webmaster Josh Nason. Which leads into the one below…

Macho Madness DVD Review- My review of WWE’s new DVD set of the Macho Man Randy Savage

My Wrestlemania 25 Experience– My experience at the Wrestlemania 25 Press Conference at the Hard Rock Cafe. Check out some photos below.



WWE Hall of Fame Thoughts

Interview with a Genius– My interview with “The Genius” Lanny Poffo, former WWE star, children’s author, and brother of ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Check out his website at Lanny

How to Attract More Kids to WWE

Why Does WWE Keep ECW?

A Celeb Feud Built for Wrestlemania: Lauren vs. Heidi– My idea for a celebrity match at Wrestlemania 25. Hey “The Hills” is just like wrestling only without the ring.

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