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By Todd Matthy

Controversy has recently brewed up between former WWE Diva Dawn Marie’s charity Wrestler’s Rescue and the Ugandan Giant Kamala. Kamala has been suffering from diabetes. So much so his legs were amputated. To help with his medical care. Wrestler’s Rescue teamed up with the MWF to raise money and awareness of Kamala’s condition. Recently, Kamala posted a video saying he received no money from either organization. However, Dawn has recently released checks sent to Kamala that were returned to her. You can see her proof below. She will be posting a video explaining her side later today. More will be posted about this story as it develops. (more…)

Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie has teamed with recording artist Michele “Fuchsia” Mupo to form an entertainment company called MUDA .

In honor of Veteran’s Day, MUDA is creating a music video for their initiative, “Keep the Peace.” The goal of “Keep the Peace” is to help rehabilitate the homes of disabled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Help them achieve this goal by making a donation here. Any support will help out greatly.

Also, support Dawn’s charity “Wrestler’s Rescue” an organization dedicated to supporting health care needs of retired professional wrestlers.