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By Todd Matthy

In the Fall of 2009, Sting’s contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling expired. He eventually resigned with the company. But what if he signed with World Wrestling Entertainment instead?

Below, divided into seven phases (each representing a “book”) is the week by week story of the WWE in 2010 had Sting signed a one year deal. Each week a chapter told in script format.

So does the arrival of Sting affect the WWE? Is Sting a face or heel? What happens on January 4th? Who headlines Wrestlemania? Who are the Champions?  How is the Nexus affected? Does he face the Undertaker? It’s all there, along with the stories of the entire WWE roster, Guest Hosts, and some surprising arrivals.


Tonight, William Shatner hosts RAW as “The Road to Wrestlemania” begins with the fallout from the Royal Rumble (click here if you haven’t read it). (more…)