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By Todd Matthy

As someone whose thesis was about Superman embodying America, I felt I should comment on this. To celebrate the 900th issue of Action Comics, Superman has renounced America. Or at least that’s what Batman Begins screenwriter David Goyer would have us believe. The nine page back up story revolved around Superman participating in a non-violent protest against the Ahmadinejad regime in Iran. An action the petulant dictator called an “act of war” because he believes Superman to be an instrument of U.S. Foreign Policy. The state department gets miffed and Superman decides he will clear up the confusion by renouncing his U.S. citizenship declaring, “truth, justice, and the American way-it’s not enough anymore. The world’s too small, too connected.” I wondered why DC would make such a drastic move and I realized it boils down to the phrase, “truth, justice, and the American way.” (more…)