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By Todd Matthy

Everybody has their opinion about the finale to one of the greatest TV shows ever, LOST. Some were disappointed while others think it was the best ending ever and some were just…lost (yes I went there). Anyway, we all have our personal interpretations so I’ve decided to share mine with you. As a literature major, science fiction fan, and writer I came into with the realization that I would on some level be disappointed. Why? Because we’ve reached the end of a story, a story I, like so many of us, had my own theories and personal interpretations of. A story that brought hours of conversation with fellow fans to see how similar or different my interpretation was from there’s. When you put personal investment into a story, you will always wind up a little disappointed by its ending. Why? Because the ending is not what you wanted it to be. Sometimes you invest so much time into something you don’t want it to end, because the ending is the author’s final statement on a work, and what he wanted to say isn’t how you took what he said. This is the dilemma LOST faced and the creators ended it the only way they could with an ending that reminds me of the conclusions to CS Lewis’s The Last Battle, the final book in The Chronicles of Narnia. (more…)