The Ice Queen: Now On Kindle

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Book Excerpts, Fantasy, Fiction, Novels, Science Fiction, Short Stories
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Ice Queen

Art by Kerry Maffeo

By Todd Matthy

“What if you had to choose between friendship and duty? What would you do if the love of your life learned the magic that controls frigid storms and cruel snow? What if only you could destroy them? These are the questions plaguing Thomas, the village Sentinel, forced to defend his home against his friend Selene, the newly -crowned Ice Queen.”

My supernatural, western, fantasy is now available on Kindle for ONLY $.99. Click here to purchase or read an excerpt after the jump.

The Presentation

            The drums beat while the crowd gathered outside Town Hall. A platform had been erected and the villagers separated to make an aisle for the procession.

Led by his peers, Thomas marched toward the platform where Sir Brian stood. He winked at Elizabeth; she winked back. He was glad she was there; it was his day after all.

But someone was missing: Selene. The three of them planned to hold a special celebration after the ceremony. Now, two would enjoy a party for three. Such are the paths life takes. He tried to banish the thoughts and enjoy the moment—but he couldn’t.

Head bowed, he knelt before Sir Brian as he spoke the traditional verse: “Tonight is a proud night. For a legacy is passed down…”

Thomas tried to listen but his heart and mind were elsewhere. So far that he almost missed his cue.

“Rise, Sentinel, and claim your legacy,” Sir Brian declared. He presented Thomas first with a flame shaped sword, etched with runes. Next, he gave Thomas a small wooded chest. Thomas opened it and within, resting on velvet, was the weapon of the Sentinel: a pistol. Sandlewood handles, rune etched chamber, cast iron hammer. He picked it up and raised it toward the sky. The crowd roared in approval.

Like what you read? Purchase a copy here.

Cover art by Kerry Maffeo- check out her work here.

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