By Todd Matthy

One of my favorite shows is “Game of Thrones.”  I love the show so much I immediately began reading the books. Author George R.R. Martin has created a vast, fascinating world populated with unique and memorable characters. Some of these characters stories are not only compelling but are also great premises for sitcoms. So, here’s a list of sitcom spin offs for “Game of Thrones.” Feel free to leave comments.

Two and a Half Lannisters– Westeros’ favorite incestuous twins and their dwarf of a brother star in this hilarious send up of life in King’s Landing. Cersei and Jamie are twins with a “special relationship.” Things get complicated when Cersei is wed to King Robert. Who does Jamie turn to for help? Why his drunken, whoremongering, dwarf of a brother Tyrion.

Leave It To Arya– Follow Winterfell’s favorite little firecracker as she torments her sister Sansa, makes life a living hell for Septa Mordane, chases cats, trains her direwolf to do her chores, upstages her younger brother in archery, and learns the fine art of “sticking with the pointy end” from her “dancing master” Syrio Forel.

Keeping Up With the Targeryans– Viscerys and Daenerys are royalty who are broke and on the run. The series follows their adventures as Viscery’s devises seize the throne quick schemes involving his younger sister often ending in physical harm befalling him.

Robert and Ned– Best friends and their adventures driving King Aerys “mad” with their rebellious antics.

It’s Always Cold On the Wall– Samwell Tarly is an obese coward, trying to join the gang called the Watch. Watch him endure hazing rituals, develop a lasting friendship with their leader Jon Snow, and try to live a life without women.

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